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Hillustration Hand Cream Limited Edition Hill'Ustration 20 ml
Delivery time: 2 weeks
Want a fun illustration? Glamour? Original! For a wedding? His bachelor party girl? All occasions are good! Say it with a 20ml Hand Cream, personalized with your day's mood and French Caroline's Hill'Ustrations Coupon on : http://shakr.cc/ce56
Capacity ?
This tube is only avaliable in 20 ml
Formula: ?
MyDabShop offers you exclusive formulas to fill your packagings. A shampoo, a shower gel, a hand cream, a moisturizing cream, an IP30 sunscreen, a lip balm are available. Consult the list of ingredients on the "Formula and Regulatory" page MyDabShop can support your formulas, the regulatory aspects of your projects and provide the Product Information File. Do not hesitate to contact us
Formula Filled:
Printing options: ?
Create your own artwork, Mydabshop prints it on a 360° label or with direct printing on the tube. Half label are also available to personalize standard design.
Caps: ?
Choose your color
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1 pcs. - 99 pcs. 4,17 € /pcs.
100 pcs. - 999 pcs. 3,30 € /pcs.
1000 pcs. - 9999999 pcs. 2,78 € /pcs.
The minimum is units
5,00 €
41,70 €
plus 20 % TAX
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Exclusive MyDabShop hand cream with citron scents: light texture and non-greasy, paraben-free

Coextruded multilayer plastic tube offering an excellent barrier to the external environment. Diameter 25mm, length 75mm, plastic cap screwed.

Try our exclusive formulas, frequency shampoo, shower gel, moisturizing cream enriched with shea butter, nourishing hand cream, IP 30 sunscreen, lip balm nourishing with shea butter.

The ingredients and conditions of use of our formulas are available on the page "Formulas & regulations".

Share your wishes, we will do our best to answer them.

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